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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2016

Surgical Approach

PUF Data Item Name: 
NAACCR Item #: 
Allowable values: 
0 - 5, 9
This item is used to monitor patterns and trends in the adoption and utilization of minimally-invasive surgical techniques.
Registry Coding Instructions: 
  • This item may be left blank for cases diagnosed prior to 2010.
  • If the patient has multiple surgeries of the primary site, this item describes the approach used for the most invasive, definitive surgery.
  • For ablation of skin tumors, assign code 3.
  • Assign code 2 or 4 if the surgery began as robotic assisted or endoscopic and was converted to open.
  • If both robotic and endoscopic or laparoscopic surgery are used, code to robotic (codes 1 or 2).
Analytic Note: 

This item was first used for 2010 diagnoses.

Code Definition
0 No surgical procedure of primary site at this facility
1 Robotic assisted
2 Robotic converted to open
3 Endoscopic or laparoscopic
4 Endoscopic or laparoscopic converted to open
5 Open or approach unspecified
9 Unknown whether surgery was performed at this facility