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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2015

Surgery Other Site

PUF Data Item Name: 
NAACCR Item #: 
Allowable values: 
0-5, 9
Records the surgical removal of distant lymph nodes or other tissue(s)/organ(s) beyond the primary site.
Registry Coding Instructions: 
  • Assign the highest numbered code that describes the surgical resection of distant lymph node(s) and/or regional/distant tissue or organs.
  • Incidental removal of tissue or organs is not recorded as a Surgical Procedure/Other Site.
  • Code 1 if any surgery is performed to treat tumors of unknown or ill-defined primary sites (C76.0-C76.8, C80.9) or for hematopoietic, reticuloendothelial, immunoproliferative, or myeloproliferative disease (C42.0, C42.1, C42.3, C42.4 or any site with hematopoietic histologies).
  • If the procedure coded in this item was provided to prolong a patient’s life by controlling symptoms, to alleviate pain, or to make the patient more comfortable, then also record this surgery in the item Palliative Care (NAACCR Item #3270).
Analytic Note: 

This item was reported as a site-specific item using the ROADS manual for diagnosis years 1998 - 2002. It has been converted to FORDS form by NCDB. For cases diagnosed on or after January 1, 2003, the surgery of other regional or distant sites, or distant lymph nodes was reported using the FORDS manual; it is no longer specific to the organ of origin.

Code Label Definition
0 None No nonprimary surgical site resection was performed. Diagnosed at autopsy.
1 Nonprimary surgical procedure performed Nonprimary surgical resection to other site(s), unknown if whether the site(s) is regional or distant.
2 Nonprimary surgical procedure to other regional sites Resection of regional site.
3 Nonprimary surgical procedure to distant lymph node(s) Resection of distant lymph node(s).
4 Nonprimary surgical procedure to distant site Resection of distant site.
5 Combination of codes Any combination of surgical procedures 2, 3, or 4.
9 Unknown It is unknown whether any surgical procedure of a nonprimary site was performed. Death certificate only.