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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2016


Parotid Gland C07.9, Major Salivary Glands C08.0–C08.9 
(Except for non-solid tumors)
00      None; no surgery of primary site; autopsy ONLY
10      Local tumor destruction, NOS
         11      Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
         12      Electrocautery; fulguration (includes use of hot forceps for tumor destruction)
         13      Cryosurgery
         14      Laser
         No specimen sent to pathology from surgical events 10–14.
20      Local tumor excision, NOS
         26      Polypectomy
         27      Excisional biopsy
         Any combination of 20 or 26–27 WITH
                  21      Photodynamic therapy (PDT)
                  22      Electrocautery
                  23      Cryosurgery
                  24      Laser ablation
         25      Laser excision
30      Less than total parotidectomy, NOS; less than total removal of major salivary gland, NOS
                  31      Facial nerve spared
                  32      Facial nerve sacrificed
         33      Superficial lobe ONLY
                  34      Facial nerve spared
                  35      Facial nerve sacrificed
         36      Deep lobe (Total)
                  37      Facial nerve spared
                  38      Facial nerve sacrificed
40      Total parotidectomy, NOS; total removal of major salivary gland, NOS
         41      Facial nerve spared
         42      Facial nerve sacrificed
50      Radical parotidectomy, NOS; radical removal of major salivary gland, NOS
         51      WITHOUT removal of temporal bone
         52      WITH removal of temporal bone
         53      WITH removal of overlying skin (requires graft or flap coverage)
80      Parotidectomy, NOS
         Specimen sent to pathology from surgical events 20–80.
90      Surgery, NOS
99         Unknown if surgery performed; death certificate ONLY