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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2016

Treatment Started, Days from Dx

PUF Data Item Name: 
Allowable values: 
0 – 9999
The number of days between the date of diagnosis (NAACCR Item #390) and the date on which treatment [surgery, radiation, systemic, or other therapy] (NAACCR Item #1270) of the patient began at any facility.
Registry Coding Instructions: 


Analytic Note: 

The elapsed time from diagnosis to date of first treatment will be zero for some cases due to the surgery codes consisting of a mix of both diagnostic and surgical procedures. Registrars must interpret ambiguous terms according to registry rules, and this may keep them from recording an imaging or physical exam date as the date of diagnosis. Because either a diagnostic or surgical procedure will trigger a set date of first course treatment, there is no correction that can be done. We recognize this flaw and there are ongoing discussions to revise the coding instructions. You may elect to use the NCCN treatment guidelines to determine which procedures listed in the FORDS surgery codes are curative and use the Days from Diagnosis to the earliest curative treatment as the number of days from diagnosis to First Treatment.

Code Definition
0 - 9999 Number of Elapsed Days
Blank No first course therapy administered, first course therapy unknown, or cannot compute days elapsed due to missing or incomplete dates