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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2016

TNM Edition Number

PUF Data Item Name: 
NAACCR Item #: 
Allowable values: 
00-07, 88, 99
Identifies the edition number of the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual used to stage the case.
Registry Coding Instructions: 

None; this item may be auto-coded by cancer registry software.

Analytic Note: 

AJCC staging is coded according to the version of the AJCC Staging Manual in use at the time the case was diagnosed. Prior to implementation of the 5th edition of the manual, some "slippage" in version occurred, and edition numbers are not included in the PUF for those older cases.

Code Label
00 Not staged (cases that have AJCC staging scheme and staging was not done)
05 Fifth Edition
06 Sixth Edition
07 Seventh Edition
88 Not applicable (cases that do not have an AJCC staging scheme)
99 Staged, but the edition is unknown. Prior to the 5th edition