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National Cancer Data Base - Data Dictionary PUF 2015

AJCC Pathologic T

PUF Data Item Name: 
NAACCR Item #: 
Alphanumeric, Uppercase
Identifies the pathologically-determined tumor size and/or extension (pT) as defined by the American Joint Committee on Cancer (AJCC).
Registry Coding Instructions: 

Refer to the applicable AJCC Cancer Staging Manual for coding rules.

Analytic Note: 

For cases diagnosed on or prior to December 31, 2003, this item was expected to be completed by an attending physician, though registry staff were frequently involved in the determination of the information coded in this item through the review of clinical and patient notes available to registry staff. For cases diagnosed January 1, 2004, through December 31, 2007, the CoC required registries to copy the staging elements from a standardized document found in the patient record, as recorded by the managing physician.

Beginning with 2008 diagnoses, the rules changed again. Physicians were no longer required to stage, but cancer committees in CoC programs were required to devise plans to ascertain that staging was used appropriately to make treatment decisions. Registries were encouraged to record physician staging when it was available, but were not required to do so. The CoC determined that the stage groups derived from the Collaborative Stage Data Collection System met the criteria expected of pathologic staging, in providing an AJCC "final stage". PUF users are likely to see a decrease in the completeness of pathologic staging recorded in the "AJCC" staging items in the years following 2008.

Cases are coded using the AJCC Cancer Staging Manual edition in use during the year in which the case was diagnosed. Consult the appropriate edition of this manual for organ or site specific codes and their definitions. See AJCC TNM Edition Number (NAACCR Item #1060). Prior to implementation of the 5th edition of the manual, some "slippage" in version occurred, and edition numbers are not included in the PUF for those older cases.

Codes on this list comprise all codes valid for any AJCC manual through the 7th edition and for any chapter. Please consult the applicable manual and chapter for codes that are valid for specific site, histology and AJCC edition combinations.

There is no standard mechanism to recode AJCC items from one edition to another. Careful review of the individual definitions in the respective AJCC manuals is necessary before combining or comparing data across two or more AJCC editions.

Code Definition Code cont. Definition cont.
Blank Not available in patient record (not collected 2008+) 2A pT2a
X pTX 2A1 pT2a1
0 pT0 2A2 pT2a2
A pTa 2B pT2b
IS pTis 2C pT2c
ISPU pTispu 2D pT2d
ISPD pTispd 3 pT3
1MI pT1mic 3A pT3a
1 pT1 3B pT3b
1A pT1a 3C pT3c
1A1 pT1a1 3D pT3d
1A2 pT1a2 4 pT4
1B pT1b 4A pT4a
1B1 pT1b1 4B pT4b
1B2 pT1b2 4C p4c
1C pT1c 4D p4d
1D pT1d 4E p4e
2 pT2 88 Not applicable